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Premium organic nuts & oilseeds

Come and discover a wide choice of dried fruits and oilseeds alone or in combination.

Our dried fruits are served on demand and kept in a refrigerated display case to guarantee their freshness and nutritional quality.

Our Bestseller : our unroasted, unsalted, crunchy cashews. You won't be able to resist it!

Come and discover our exclusive blends like our Slimming blendfor a healthy and satisfying snack.

It's with pleasure that we will make you taste the dried fruits of your choice!


Our puree mills

Thanks to our puree mills, we manufacture under your eyes, at your request, delicious oilseed purees without sugar, without salt, without added oil. To test absolutely!

Also try our chocolate hazelnut spread, a real delight with little sugar.

In a logic of waste reduction we put at your disposal arrangement; reusable food prestige glass jars but your containers are welcome.

You do not know what to pick ? We will make you taste!

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